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For those who can not wait, you can take out quick loans on the Internet. A distinction is made between a quick loan with Credit Bureau and Credit Bureau-free loans from abroad, which are usually granted by credit agencies such as Bonkredit or Maxda.

Online loan with Credit Bureau

Online loan with Credit Bureau

Loans with Credit Bureau can now also be found online in the form of quick loans from many long-established branch banks – together with the quick loans without Credit Bureau, these loans have the fact that they are generally only intended for employees and civil servants.

If the self-employed are admitted, it is often necessary that the applicant has to go to the respective branch according to the online loan contract so that they can deal more closely with their loan request or primarily with their creditworthiness.

The assessment of the creditworthiness of the self-employed is more extensive and also takes more time, which is why it is no longer possible to speak of quick loans in the strict sense. However, the creditworthiness of employees and civil servants also has to be checked, so that, as is customary with quick loans, an initial loan approval is only ever made subject to the condition of the bank.

Pay the loan in installments

Pay the loan in installments

In addition to bank statements, a copy of the employment contract and, in any case, salary slips, which prove that the applicant actually generates income in the amount specified in the application, are usually required. In addition, the bank can see what monthly household expenses are and how much capital the borrower has left each month to pay the loan installments.

For Credit Bureau-free quick loans, you have to contact credit agencies – for these loans, for which no Credit Bureau information is obtained and which are therefore not entered in the Credit Bureau, unemployed people, pensioners, people under 18 and entrepreneurs are excluded in principle, and there is a maximum age of 57 Years in the old federal states and 55 years in the new federal states.

The amount of the interest itself is generally dependent on the creditworthiness of fast loans, but there are also loans where the interest does not depend on the creditworthiness, but rather on the loan amount or the chosen term.

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